Wednesday, March 21, 2018

2018 A-Z Blogging Challenge: Theme Reveal

I'm excited to participate in my third Blogging A-Z Challenge!

Previous themes for this challenge included Paris (2016) and Journaling (2017). Both these themes coordinated with book topics I was writing at the time (and ultimately self-published). Since this writing strategy worked well in the past, I plan to implement it again this year.

So without further ado, my theme for 2018 is: BOSTON

I visited the city for the first time in 2016 when I was the "dog-sitter" for my son and his family while they completed a month-long work assignment. We lived in Cambridge, just across the Charles River, and I took full advantage of my free-time by visiting the popular, as well as hidden, city sights.

I fell in love with Boston - and as a former New York Yankee - that is saying a lot. The city is compact and easily navigated on foot or by subway. It is also the perfect combination of American history, modern living, urban conveniences, lush green spaces, and cultural/academic institutions.

While visiting the Museum of Fine Art (MFA) I saw this painting by Childe Hassam. At Dusk (Boston Common at Twilight) portrays a story of two young girls and their guardian (mother? governess?) strolling through the park on a magical winter day. I immediately knew I wanted to discover that narrative.

Over the past several months, the painting has inspired the second book in my Ellie series -  MG historical fiction that introduces students to art appreciation as well as a love of travel. This story takes place in Boston circa 1912. The A-Z challenge posts will introduce you to this city and why I adore it.

The "challenge" is to write a post a day (except Sundays) - each day focusing on a different letter of the alphabet. While I reserve the right to change these daily topics as I see fit, this is the current timeline of April's posts. I will provide links as they become available.

Sunday, April 1 = A is for Athenaeum
Monday, April 2 = B is for Beacon Hill
Tuesday, April 3 = C is for Cheers
Wednesday, April 4 = D is for Ducks
Thursday, April 5 = E is for Education
Friday, April 6 = F is for Frog Pond
Saturday, April 7 = G is for Greater Boston

Monday, April 9 = H is for Harbor
Tuesday, April 10 = I is for Irish
Wednesday, April 11 = J is for JFK
Friday, April 13 = L is for Library
Saturday, April 14 = M is for Museum

Monday, April 16 = N is for North End
Tuesday, April 17 = O is for Old North Church
Wednesday, April 18 = P is for Parks
Thursday, April 19 = Q is for Quincy Market
Friday, April 20 = R is for Revere's House
Saturday, April 21 = S is for Swan Boats

Monday, April 23 = T is for the "T"
Tuesday, April 24 = U is for Union Oyster House
Wednesday, April 25 = V is for Venetian Palace
Thursday, April 26 = W is for Walking Tour
Friday, April 27 = X is for eXercise
Saturday, April 28 = Y is for Yawkey Way

Monday, April 30 = Z is for Zzzzz

I look forward to sharing my love of Boston - and art - with you this coming month.

If interested, it's not too late for you to register for the challenge ... or you can choose to follow those participating without maintaining a blog of your own.

See you April 1st!


  1. I've never been to Boston but would love to go there. I'll live vicariously through your posts.

    1. I hope I do Boston justice. Seriously though... you should try to get up there some year after BEA :)

  2. Oh, this will be fun to read about and see. We visited Boston last year - first time for me. Hubby was at a conference. Anyway, I'm including links to the 2 blog posts I wrote about my visit there. Here you go:

    1. Thanks for sharing these posts, Kay! I, too, wish I lived closer to the Boston Public Library. I would spend several afternoons a week in that reading room :)

  3. Oh, I forgot one about the ducks.

    1. I LOVE this post - how you combined the first page of the book with photos of the mallard duck family in Boston Public Garden :)

  4. Can’t wait for the tour. We visited there a couple of times and loved it.

    1. Thanks for following, Cathy! I'd love to hear your comments on the sights :)

  5. I love Boston and went to graduate school in the city. Looking forward to reading your posts and reminiscing about the city. WeekendsInMaine

    1. Please feel free to share your knowledge throughout the month. I know precious little about this fantastic city, but I'd love to learn more!

  6. Fun! I'm going to try this for the first time and I chose a place-related theme, too!

    1. I really love this annual challenge, Joy. I look forward to following your April adventures too :)

  7. Great theme! I'm looking forward to your I post

    1. And I LOVE the concept of learning Spanish throughout the month :)

  8. Hi Molly,
    I learned of your site when reviewing the A-Z blogging challenge master list. I look forward to reading and commenting on your Boston posts. I'm also very keen to go back and read all of your journal posts from 2017's challenge.
    I blog at I'm participating in the challenge for the first time. My theme is Snack-Sized Wow Notes for Women, Midlife and Beyond. Like you, I reply to every comment. I think that matters to increasing engagement and building a sense of community.
    Have a wonderful challenge.

  9. Thanks for stopping by, Karen! I hope you will love this challenge as much as I do. I LOVE your theme and look forward to connecting throughout the month of April :)


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