Sunday, February 25, 2018

Sunday Salon: Snow Day Reading

FINALLY... the sun is out and the temperature is nearly 50 degrees. After a week of cloudy, icy, dreary weather, I am more than ready for Spring!

Public schools in our area were open one day this week. Monday was President's Day and Tuesday through Thursday were snow days due to freezing rain. One good thing about such nasty weather is it provides perfect reading conditions. I perched myself on the couch next to the fireplace, cozied up with my fleece blanket and a hot cup of tea, and finished two books!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sunday Salon: Returning to My Roots

I began My Cozy Book Nook in 2009. I joined the book blogging community with gusto - thrilled to find others as excited about literature as I am.

While a bibliophile at heart, my interests expanded over time. I wanted to blog (connect) about writing and journaling and photography. But this created a blog-identity crisis. Am I book review blog - a lifestyle blog - do I even have a niche?! Consequently, my blog posts were sporadic at best.

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