Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Boston: P is for Parks

Welcome to my third year participating in the A-Z Blogging Challenge. This year's theme is BOSTON.

Today's letter is P which will showcase the Parks.

While Boston is most definitely a cosmopolitan urban center, greenspaces abound. From the small neighborhood enclosure of Louisburg Square, to Frog Pond in Boston Commons, to the Duck Family statue in Boston Public Garden, there are luxurious respites for all to sit a spell, relax, and enjoy.

The weeping willows surrounding the lake
make the perfect spot for summer relaxation.
All I need is a good book and a comfy blanket.

A real mallard family gathers around the duck pond
just a few feet away from the famous
Make Room for Ducklings statue.

Boston Commons is filled with people from all walks of life
and all political interests. Businessmen, dressed in suits, stroll through
the park during lunch; Moms and/or nannies walk with their
children on the way to a playdate; and his elderly coupon
walk home arm-in-arm after a Healthcare Protest.

One of the many reasons I like Boston:
this is a dog-loving city!!

Christopher Columbus Park is located
near the water adjacent to the North End.
A lovely place to sit and enjoy the harbor breeze.


  1. Great shots of all kinds of creatures enjoying the Boston parks. But wait, no picture of squirrels?
    the weeping willow is *my* birth tree according to Tree Astrology.

    1. Ah.. the squirrels! I watched one little fluffy dog chase those bushy tails all over the Public Garden. He entertained me for several minutes :)

  2. It's amazing to see those shots of green grass, warm weather, and people not wearing coats. It seems like the weather has been so awful this year up north that these pictures must seem like a dream. Hard to believe it's spring :-)

    1. We are experiencing the "never-ending" winter weather here in the midwest as well. I'm so tired of turtlenecks and gray skies. I fear, however, the summer will consist of triple-digit temperature days and I will then long for cool relief.


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