Saturday, April 14, 2018

Boston: M is for Museums

Welcome to my third year participating in the A-Z Blogging Challenge. This year's theme is BOSTON.

Today's letter is M which will showcase Museums.

While I'm sure there are smaller museums throughout the greater Boston area, I was fortunate to visit two premier art institutions: the Museum of Fine Art (MFA) and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. I took advantage of the special pricing, which allowed me to visit the latter museum within 48-hours of the MFA for a $2.00 discount.

The MFA is a traditional museum, Boston's equivalent to the MET or the Louvre or the National Gallery. I enjoyed wandering the hallways of the French Impressionists and allowed myself to venture into the American wing. I even found a new favorite artist: Childe Hassam.

The museum's outside is as beautiful as the art contained within.

The hall of Impressionist art.
I practically had the entire wing to myself - to take time
to savor the emotional strokes of every painting.

My first Middle-Grade novel, Ellie's Paris Adventure
was inspired, in part, by this statue of Marie van Goethem:
Little Dancer age 14.

I fell in love with this painting by Childe Hassam - a Boston native
and quintessential American Impressionist artist.
At Dusk (Boston Common at Twilight) inspired my second book in the
Travel through Art series: Ellie Goes to Boston

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is a treasure. This "feminist before her time" commissioned her home be built in the style of a 15th Century Venetian Palace. She then filled the rooms with original art by famous painters such as Degas, Rembrandt, and Sargent. 

Upon her death, Ms. Gardner left the estate to the city - provided the rooms remained exactly as she left them. The great art heist in 1990 caused a double problem. Not only was priceless art stolen (and never recovered) ... but the contract was now considered null-and-void. That is why empty frames hang on the walls - to hold space for the missing artwork.

The Blue Room
Every piece of artwork appears as it did when Mrs. Gardner
was still living in the home. Can you imagine constantly being
surrounded by such masterpieces?!

My favorite location in all of Boston:
the atrium at the ISG museum.
I dream of sitting in this spot and journaling
to my heart's content.


  1. Yes, that looks like a great place to sit and read or journal!

    Janet’s Smiles

    1. It was quite serene the day I went. I can imagine it might not be so peaceful on crowded days.

  2. The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is a wonderful museum. We spent time there on one of our weekend trips to Boston. Weekends In Maine

    1. The Dutch room was closed for renovation the day I visited. I hope to back again and see the empty frames for myself.

  3. Just found Ellie's Paris Adventure on Amazon and read the sample pages...sounds like it's autobiographical?? :)
    I wish my library had your series!
    I LOVE the Gardner Museum! We made a special trip to Boston just to go there. The house itself is worth a visit, but the art is gorgeous as well. Enjoyed this post!

    1. You have just made my day! The fact that you think my little book is worthy of library status makes me so very happy :) And yes, you are correct... many parts of this series is, in fact, autobiographical.


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