Saturday, December 12, 2009

Flashback Challenge

Well, I am beginning to succumb to the peer pressure. I am starting to sign up for 2010 challenges. I really can't help myself. They sound so fun - and there is that element of academic pursuit that just speaks to me. I refuse to sign up for a challenge right away, spontaneous decisions for me. I read about it -- cogitate on it --- read about it again --- imagine which books I would like to read (then which books I realistically think I will read) -- then cogitate some more. Some might call this indecisive - but I prefer to think of it as making an informed decision.

After signing up for the Rory Gilmore Reading Project two days ago, I have yet to read a book on the list BUT I have watched the first 6 episodes of season 1 and am thoroughly enjoying myself! It was beneficial for me to see the pilot episode and how each of the characters and story lines were introduced. I think I learned as much about beginning a new story/novel, as I did about this particular series - and I hope to use this information in some personal creative writing endeavors. I look forward to watching more episodes in the days/weeks to come - and to start reading some of the books on the perpetual challenge list.

The newest challenge that I am ready to join is the Flashback Challenge. I have been debating about this one for a couple of weeks, however, my trip to Barnes and Noble yesterday clinched the decision. They have a new series out called Books on Film - where they pair a classic novel with the movie DVD in a nice boxed set for under $15.00!! The one that caught my eye was Little Women. I remember reading this story as a young girl, but somehow I just never connected with it the way some of friends did. I am hoping that by reading it as an adult I will discover that magic.

The challenge runs from January 1, 2010 - December 31, 2010 and offers three levels of participation:
  • Bookworm - read up to 3 novels
  • Scholar - read 4 - 6 novels
  • Literati - read 6 or more novels
I think I will hedge my bets and only sign up for the Bookworm option, with the 3 books possibly including (although I reserve the right to change to mind as the year progresses):
  • Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
  • Anne of Avonlea by L. M. Montgomery
  • The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton
Other possibilities include (although their length may prohibit a read in 2010):
  • Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck
  • Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
  • Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
I have harbored this desire to read Anna Karenina and then pair that with the modern day version, What Happened to Anna K by Irina Reyne. We will see if that is a doable project for 2010.

There are a few more challenges that I have my eye on....but I am not yet willing to make the commitment. I am sure future postings will occur within the next couple of weeks.

I am curious which book you might like to re-read, if given the chance. Perhaps I will find more titles to add to my "possibility" pile.


  1. Good luck with your challenges, Molly. You definitely should read Anna Karneina. It's a fabulous read! One of my favorites. I've read it three times but not sure I have enough time to re read it.

    Are you considering the Read from your own shelves challenge?

  2. I love the concept of packaging a book and the movie together like that. Good luck with the challenge.

  3. I REALLY need to make some challenge decisions, and you're not making it any easier ;-)
    Books on Film is a great idea. How did I miss those when I was in B&N last week? Good luck with your challenges, Molly.

  4. I have enjoyed rereading old favorites from time to time. It's fun to compare my current thoughts with what I remember from the book. Good luck on your challenge.

  5. That IS a great idea for packaging. C.B. James would be happy to hear about that...maybe more takers for his challenge! So glad to see you coming forth on the challenges! I obsess over them too. You would think my life depended on me finishing them! Haha

  6. Sooo excited to see some of the books that you have picked for this challenge! Some of my all time favroties and I am looking forward to reading your reviews! Hope your week is going well!

  7. Those sets sound wonderful! What a great gift they would make.

  8. You really shouldn't enter into a challenge lightly, especially given the level of commitment involved. ;-)

    I do hope you get the chance to read Anna Karenina. Such a great book! I have Reyne's book but haven't read it yet.

  9. Thanks for joining Flashback! I think a few people are doing a joint read of Gone With the Wind in March and April. You could try to join in!


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