Thursday, December 10, 2009

BTT: Mark the Spot

I haven't participated in Booking through Thursday lately, but today's meme seemed like a good one to get back into the routine:
What items have you ever used as a bookmark?
What is the most unusual item you’
ve ever used or seen used?

Since starting this book blog a year ago, and discovering the need to read more purposefully for the sake of coherent reviews, I have started using a 3x5 index card as a bookmark. This is an inexpensive way to keep my place, but it also makes a great way to jot down handy notes and/or page numbers. So far this has worked well for me. However.....I have given considerable thought to beginning a worthwhile and practical collection: bookmarks. I have always enjoyed looking at the wide variety of bookmarks, both in style and function, and I have even purchased a few in my lifetime. I was impressed one day earlier this year when I read someone's blog that they selects th bookmark to coordinate with the book being read -- either in color combination or theme. I think this is such a creative idea!

I harbor dreams of doing more travel in the future -- once all the children are living independently and finances are a bit more stable. In those travels I want to include side-trips to local bookstores - as I think each independently owned bookstore has its own personality and flavor. I think a collection of bookmarks from each vacation destination will be not only meaningful, but will also be easy to transport back home.

So how about you? Do you use beautiful bookmarks to hold her spot -- or whatever is lying around?


  1. I have quite a few bookmarks and like to rotate them. I do like your index card idea, though.

  2. I love bookmarks and have quite a few so I try to use this... but every once in awhile I'll have to just pick up whatever is lying around and use that as a temporary bookmark. Your index card idea is a great one!

  3. I harbor those same dreams about my kids. I use whatever is lying around.

  4. I like the index card idea. I use post-its for the same reason. plus they don't fall out. and they are cheap.

  5. I do have a few bookmarks but I have never considered them a part of collection. However, I think your idea of getting a bookmark from each place you'll travel to is great. My daughter get a snow globe from every place she visits.

  6. I have quite a varied collection of bookmarks. I hadn't really thought of it in terms of a collection until about five years ago when I was sitting down to go through them. I always stop and browse the bookmark rack when I am at a bookstore. I go through phases where I prefer one type over another and so rotate through them now and then.


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