Sunday, August 30, 2015

TSS: August 30, 2015

While the weather forecasters are predicting a summer heat wave this week, I won't complain. Today I realized it is the end of August and we have yet to experience triple-digit temperatures. What a blessing!

True to my word, I focused on the Harry Potter series this week and finished The Sorcerer's Stone - a week early!

I will write brief reviews at the end of each reading period, but I realize this world does not need one more positive recommendation of this modern-day classic.

Suffice it to say, I marvel at JK Rowling's sense of humor (I adore Fred and George Weasley) and her ability to weave significant themes into a children's fantasy novel.

I plan to take a day or two to digest this first book and write some notes before I begin The Chamber of Secrets.

If you would like to join me in this fall read-along, please feel free to register here.

It's been a thoughtful week in this regard.

I love to write.

I believe it was Flannery O'Connor who first stated, I write in order to discover what I think. And that is exactly how I feel about putting pen to paper. It helps me work through personal issues, relate to the world around me, and find acceptance for myself and others.

But I struggle with what to write. Journaling is a life-time pursuit, but it doesn't necessarily help improve the craft of writing.

I like the academic aspect of the Middle Grade novel (I have SO much to learn about character development, scene construction, pacing, dialogue, etc)....but I'm not convinced that is my calling.

I have considered using the research for First Impressionism and write some non-fiction books for the same middle grade audience, but I'm not sure I have the qualifications to write about fine art.

I still enjoy traveling and putting those experiences into short essays paired with photographs, but the audience is mostly family and friends.

And of course there is the idea of writing my family history and memoir, but not sure there is an audience other than myself.

Obviously I still have lots to ponder on this subject.

The first day of class was wonderful!

I have seven enthusiastic writers registered for the course. I know we are in for a great time because when told they would write a 12-chapter novel second semester the collective response was only twelve chapters?! That led to a lively discussion about writing a trilogy!

I managed to return to a familiar routine this week.

I will try to add Wordless Wednesday posts again soon... continuing the chronicles of my trip to Italy.

I can't believe we will be celebrating Labor Day next weekend... which of course means Christmas will be here before you know it!



  1. It sounds like you see lots of directions in which you might go. That is always good. From a get-published point of view, children's nonfiction always sells better than fiction, they say.

    Glad your class went well!

    Here's my Sunday Salon!

  2. That's fascinating, Deb! Non-fiction is definitely more my comfort zone :) Thanks for the words of encouragment.

  3. I've always wanted to be a writer too, but I'm going to stick with blogging for niw. Good luck!

  4. Sounds wonderful about your writing class. It sounds like your students are excited and are willing to work and have fun. Enjoy your week!

  5. Thank you for reminding me of the Flannery O'Connor quote.


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