Sunday, July 26, 2015

TSS: July 26, 2015

Just heard on the news we should expect triple-digit heat index temperatures over the next three days. I take that as a sign to stay inside and read and write, what do you think?

I don't have much reading progress to report this week.

I've read about 70% of Lisette's List, but I'm hoping to finish it within the next few days. I am still enjoying the story line and the art appreciation lessons.

I added several new MG books to my TBR list. Thanks to those of you who offered suggestions - and if you know of other titles, I'm always listening!

In fact, that reading list has grown so large that I decided to add a new bookshelf to my GoodReads account:  MG want-to-read. This way when I'm out-and-about, I have easy access to my wishlist.

I hope to return to the MG reading routine this week. I have little on the social calendar and the weather forecast is calling for extreme heat - sounds like perfect reading conditions to me!

What I lacked in reading this week, I made up for in writing.

Last week I talked about using Myer's Briggs and the Enneagram as tools to help me develop fictional characters. I also researched famous people who exhibited each of those types.

In the end I decided my protagonist, 13-year-old Phoebe Cox, is a type 6 Enneagram (Loyalist) and is most like an ENFP (the Entertainer). I imagine her a younger version of Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts, and/or Anne Hathaway.

Now that I have an idea of her personality and can picture her face in my mind, I will try to delve further into her character. I have several worksheets I can use, but it I think I might try the idea of keeping a journal as Phoebe.

While I love to journal, this is well outside my comfort zone - pretending to write as someone else? But maybe... just maybe... I can let go and have a little fun. I'll let you know how it goes next Sunday.

I followed my blogging schedule for the third week in a row. So far, I like this blogging pace, and the variety of post topics continues to hold my interest.  Hopefully I can remain consistent over the long term.

Here's a recap of this week's posts:
I have watched about a third of the OYAN DVD lectures. For the most part, I find the education outstanding! I have learned quite a bit, not only how to teach the class, but also how to improve my writing.

I am taking notes to help me organize class lessons, and I am also using the workbook to help flesh out characters and scenes of my own novel.

Since we announced this course offering only a month ago, no one has had an opportunity to enroll. I am hoping for six students (enough to foster class discussions, but manageable for a first-time through the curriculum), but there is the possibility no one will enroll this year.

I'm ok with that though. I am learning valuable writing lessons, progressing with my own work-in-progress, and preparing in advance of the next academic year.

I wish you all comfortable days ahead, filled with lots of literary goodness!


  1. I can't even keep a journal as myself, let alone someone else. Color me impressed. :)

  2. Oh Bryan... you made me laugh!

    I'm actually teaching a journaling class this fall. Depending on how it goes, I might try to develop it as an online class. I can help you overcome that journaling block :)

  3. I feel happy thinking you have written more than you have read.

    Here's my Weekly Wrapup post!

  4. Heat index high - yep, we have that too. I say stay inside and continue with your fun pursuits. Have a good week, Molly!

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Kay.

    Yes, I think I will continue with my indoor fun this week :)

  6. Good luck with your writing and your characters. It looks not so easy!

  7. I'm trying to write every day and blog every day. Afraid I fell short this weekend...only blogged.

  8. When I retired, Sue, I tried to maintain the same schedule. I thought since I had all this free time, I could certainly read several books a week - and writing one short blog article a day would be no problem.

    I am learning, however, that I actually have many other interests and social engagements than I originally thought :) So for now, I have scaled back my expectations and give myself a lot of grace.

  9. Lovely, but I long for Germany and England as that's where my people originated.

  10. Sue - I totally understand. My husband is 100% Italian, which explains our desire to "return to the homeland" as often as possible :)


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