Friday, July 3, 2015

Paris in July: Introduction

For the sixth year in a row, Tamara of Thyme for Tea is hosting one of my favorite memes: Paris in July. I have participated several times in the past and am looking forward to being a part of this community once again.

The timing is perfect for me because I have decided to take my writing to the next level (oh my... it is scary to put this out there for all to read!)

In November, 2013, I wrote a rough draft of a historical-fiction novel entitled First Impressionism. It is the story of a 14-year-old American girl on vacation with her family. While viewing a Degas painting at the Musee d'Orsay, she finds her herself transported to Paris, 1880, and a part of the Impressionist movement. I am currently revising that draft with the hopes of ... perhaps... maybe.... trying to find a publisher.

I anticipate revisions will take 12-18 months, but in the meantime, I would like to share bits and pieces of the story with you on this blog, as well as Parisian adventures I have had over the past few years.

Paris in July is therefore the ideal start to my new blog series: French Fridays.

Each Friday I hope to share a favorite French landmark, or travel tip, or travel book, or French novel, or Impressionist Art, or .... well you get the idea. I have adored Paris since second grade and I am looking forward to sharing that passion with you.


  1. One more reason to look forward to Fridays... can't wait to read your posts!

  2. What a great idea. I look forward to Friday's :-)
    Maybe it will evolve it a regular meme ?

  3. What an exciting event! Looking forward to you sharing your writing and everything French.


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