Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Who Has Time to be Bored?

I must admit that I do not relate well to those who say that they can't imagine not working a job.  They almost dread retirement because they are not sure what they will do with 24 hours in a day.  I, on the other hand, have so many outside interests that I know I will still not accomplish all I hope when I have that kind of free time, but I plan to give it a good shot!  Not only do I enjoy reading, but I have also discovered that I enjoy art (not actually creating art, but studying about art and going to museums), photography, traveling, cooking (although mostly in the baking realm), crafting (mostly paper crafts, but some day I hope to learn how to knit), etc. 

This week I have focused on one of my older obsessions, scrapbooking.  I used to be a scrapbook consultant for a number of years (in fact, I am convinced that experience led me to a teaching career), but I have been so busy with grading and lesson plans that I have allowed that hobby to lay dormant for quite a while.  Well, my youngest daughter will graduate high school in May and seeing how I have made scrapbooks for the other two as their senior gift, I have promised to make her one as well. 

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On Sunday I was browsing through the newspaper ads and noticed that Michaels had a great deal on the Cricut personal diecut machine.  I have wanted one of these for three years at least (I even got up at 4:30AM on the Friday after Thanksgiving to stand in line for one, but missed the cut-off for available machines by two people!)  I immediately began to salivate and started to count my pennies.  I emailed my eldest to let her know of the sale, and casually mentioned this unbelievable bargain.  She responded immediately and said that she would love to purchase it for me as an early birthday gift (my birthday is in December, mind you).  Can I tell you how ecstatic I was?!

We planned to meet at the store when she got off from work at 5:00.  The entire afternoon I kept thinking that they had probably sold out, so I should not get my hopes up.  Well, I am here to tell was meant to be.  They had three in stock and we grabbed one the minute we walked in the door.  I also spent quite a bit of time perusing all the cartridges (they have released several more since the last time I looked) and daydreaming of all the fun I would have creating scrapbooks for every member of the family.

Well, this feeling of euphoria carried over to the next day, when I was inspired to organize all my photos of Mandy for her senior book.  I scoured Facebook for high school pictures to use, and I rummaged through boxes of personal photos to select the perfect ones for this special album.  Now I have to scan these images so that I can have copies for me before I start the creative scrapbooking process.

Tomorrow I am having dinner with a friend - and the restaurant just happens to be a stone's throw from Archivers -- only the most amazing scrapbook store in town.  I hope to have time today to think of possible page layouts and organize some of my paper and sticker supplies.  This way I will go into the store ready to make wise purchase decisions that will enhance my daughter's album.

And.....this creative theme have even carried over into my reading.  One of you terrific bloggers recommend Twyla Tharp's book, The Creative Habit, which I have thoroughly enjoyed so far.  I think the author and I have similar personalities, in that she is a creature of habit and believes that hard work is one of the greatest contributors to success in life.  So far the chapter that has resonated with me the most is Your Creative DNA --- which essentially says that we are all unique:  we are wired differently.  We need to identify what OUR creativity should be and look like, rather than try to mimic someone else.  I have always struggled with this as I have always thought myself "not good enough"  Either I try to copy someone who I consider "good enough" - which always leads to frustration because I am not them --- or, as most often is the case, I just quit.  

It seems to me that this summer I have been struggling with acceptance.  I am beginning to hear the message that I need to take the time to enjoy the journey, and not worry so much about the completed goal.  I hope to do that with this new scrapbooking adventure.


  1. I don't have a creative bone in my body. I guess that is the accountant in me, I don't know. But I must comment on the idea of people HAVING to work. I quit my job 6 years ago, and had no worries whatsoever about keeping busy. In fact, even without reading and blogging, which take up huge amounts of time, I'd not have enough hours in the day.

  2. I've always said I would have scrapbooked for my son if I'd known about it when he was younger. One of our neighbor's has a cricut and she just loves it!

  3. I love your enthusiasm in this post. I'm so glad you were able to get one of those three cricuts. I ccan testify to the fact that, as a retired person, I am never bored. When I retired this huge window of time opened up and gave me the opportunity to do things I'd been postponing for years. There are some days I have to tell myself to slow down. But I immediately answer, why?

  4. I have never been into scrapbooking, but those Cricut machines look fascinating. Have fun with your new toy!

    And thanks for introducing me to the Tharp book. It sounds great and I'm adding it to my wish list. :)

  5. Yay, I am so pleased to see that your scrapbooking bug has returned. I do have a Cricut, but I don't use it as much as I should as the cartridges are so expensive over here. I can't wait to see what you produce.

  6. The only reason I work at all (full time at that) is because we need my income. I would never get bored at home, and never did, when I was a SAHM for oh, maybe 15 years before I had to get a job.

    I also madly love scrapbooking. I did a blog post last December, I think, featuring my newly re-organized scrapbooking room. It has gotten more search engine hits than any post I've ever done.

    I haven't done any scrapbooking, alas, since February, but I need to make some time for it on my week's vacation in August.

    I'm not a big die-cut fan, but our accucut machine here at the library is a life-saver for me--with storytime crafts.

  7. Oh, how exciting for you! I haven't done any scrapbooks since I was a kid. They weren't made with the kinds of materials now available. I'd love to try it again!

    I can't imagine being bored, either, as I am retired and everyday is jammed with activities, and I can hardly wait for each new day.

  8. Good for you Molly. Enjoy your new cricut and all the lovely memories you will create with it.

    I'm never bored. I just don't seem to have enough hours in a day to do all the things I want to do.

    I enjoyed your post today.

  9. Wow Molly.. this post is very inspiring. Good luck with your scrapbooking.
    My husband died a year after I retired and we had one fabulous happy year of retirement together. Three years after his death when I moved to town, I took on every conceivable thing I could think of to fill my new life. But then I realised ..I didn't actually HAVE to do anything and began to learn to relax and take time.
    A teaching friend called in last week and her comment was.. I looked comfortable in my skin. I liked that!
    Now I have about dropped all activities except my crazy doodles. (One day, like you , I might pick them up again) When I doodle I totally let preconceived ideas, just go with the flow. It has taught me to just be myself. I am finding myself. Good luck Molly. You are lovely.

  10. What an inspiring post! Glad to hear you're enjoying The Creative Habit and you're scrap-booking again!

  11. Oh, yeah--I can't wait to retire; I will never be bored, either! I've always wanted to get scrapbooks put together better, plus there is reading, all of the computer things, time to really end of things to do!

  12. Sounds like you have found a key. I am definitely a journey person. Enjoy the trip and the learning and relax about the destination.

  13. Love your enthusiasm and almost zeal for this!

  14. Dear Molly, I am so glad you left a comment on my blog! That allowed me to find your blog! I love it and I'll be back often to visit. It seems that we are on the same page as to enjoying the journey and not just going for the destination. I'm looking forward to seeing what you will create for the scrapbook! Hugs, Silke

  15. Thank you-how can you be bored-even more shocking are people who think reading is boring.

  16. one of the great bonuses of working in the education field is having time to pursue other interests and hobbies. during the year, i don't have much time (i work in a private high school with unorthodox hours--8:30 to 5pm) and i don't get home until 7 or so. i am contracted to work through june 30th though school ends early june, and 80 hours in august. i do a ton of prep in the summer but do have time for photography, blogging, reading, going to the beach, traveling, and going to library book sales! :)

    i hope you enjoy your new toy and have an great time scrapbooking!

    --nat @book, line, and sinker

  17. I could be wrong on this, but I think those types put all of their eggs in one basket. All of their energy, 100% of their time, and effort in one thing--their job. Since my kids have been where I've placed my efforts, I won't have that issue. After kids, I plan on dedicating that time to writing.

    Hmmmmm....maybe one day I'll turn into those kind of people and say that about I can only hope. :)

  18. I love to scrapbook but struggle to find the time. I can't imagine being bored if I didn't have to work. I'm with you, I have loads of interests that would fill my time!


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