Thursday, July 22, 2010

Life is a Verb: Week 8

I began this weekly meme at the beginning of summer when I read the book by Patti Digh.  I found many of her statements so thought-provoking, that I decided to embark on a summertime quest to get to know myself better.  Some of you indicated that you have enjoyed taking this journey with me, so I decided to go ahead and post today's exercise.

As many of you know who have been reading my blog lately, I am trying to stretch my creative wings this summer. Well, in all honesty, I am first trying to emerge from the cocoon in which I have been hibernating for several decades, and then I will begin to stretch the new-found wings.  I have started to teach myself art appreciation; learn how to compose a decent photograph; dust off old scrapbook supplies and put them to use again; try my hand at artistic expression through doodling; and, of course, continue to pursue the path of creative writing.

The more I read non-fiction books on this subject (I just recently finished this week The Creative Habit, If You Want to Write, and Bird by Bird), the more I am learning about my own voice (or, as Twyla Tharp calls it, my Creative DNA).  And while I will still pursue the challenge of writing a fictional story, I believe my true voice lies in creative non-fiction.  

I found it interesting that this week's exercise incorporates this writing endeavor.
Here is a creative non-fiction story prompt.  Think of a yearning that you have....use these story prompts to write about that yearning (each prompt is to be one paragraph).  This will help to identify the yearning, as well as the obstacles that might be standing in the way - whether perceived or real. (page 174 of the Intention section).
  • Once upon a time....
  • Every day....
  • But one day.....
  • Because of that....
  • Because of that....
  • Because of that....
  • Until finally.....
  • Ever since then.....
I would be curious if any of you choose to indulge in this exercise.  If you do, and you wish to share, please leave me a link to your non-fiction story in the comments section.  I would love to hear what you are yearning to do - and how you plan to overcome those real or imaginary obstacles that always seems to stand in our way.


  1. This looks like a very good activity to use with my students. I know the summer is heading towards it's end when I start thinking thoughts like that.

  2. I know my yearning is to write and what stands in my way is procrastination! Also no self belief in my ability as a writer.

  3. I might give this a try at some point ... but I'm swamped right now so it won't be soon!

    And I love your butterfly analogy. My mom has been using that for her own journey to adjust to her new state in life.

  4. I'm just going to say this. I am a CPA, a rule-follower, and very uncreative by nature. Starting my blog for me was a huge leap of faith. Something creative for sure (I'm not a writer!), and something just for me. If you look at your life, big picture, wouldn't blogging be one for you too? I don't think you can blog in a cocoon, so maybe you have been flying and not even known it!

  5. Molly, I am in complete agreement with Sandy. In fact, I was thinking the same thing as I was reading your post. Writing a blog is WRITING. You are writing something nearly every day. Your blog posts are very creative and your written words are put together beautifully.

    Guess what - you left the cocoon a long time ago. You are a full fledged writer. I guess what you are looking for now is something else to write.

    Just because we don't get paid for our blogs, doesn't mean we aren't writers. Add up all the posts and comments you write every day as well as the lesson plans you write. See how many words that makes. You are there. It's time for the butterfly to soar.

  6. I'm cheering you on as you emerge from your cocoon and spread your creative wings. I have done something similar these last few years as I've traveled and experienced new things in my life.

  7. It's wonderful that you discovered your strengths. I want to write as well .. some day .. Other than a desire to be a writer, I like the challenge of creating a work that can hold the audience's interest from start to end.


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