Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mystery Read-athon Next Weekend!

Oh, be-still my little heart. January is certainly my literary month. Not only did I get a newly expanded nook in which to read to my heart's content, and not only did Natasha provide me with an excellent way to organize my blog to be more efficient and pretty.....but I just realized that next weekend is the mystery read-athon!

I was unable to take part in the last read-athon due to school obligations, and I will probably not be able to spend as many hours reading my most favorite genre this coming weekend, but I am going to take part in as much of the literary fun as I can (there are even going to be some mini-challenges that we can join).

I haven't given a lot of thought as to what I might read during this time. I plan to teach a unit on Sherlock Holmes to my 7th graders in April, so I could be extra productive and read some of his mysteries - or perhaps one of the many spin-offs that I have been wanting to investigate, like The Beekeeper's Apprentice by Laurie R. King or Eye of the Crow by Shane Peacock.

OR....I am at a loss for what to teach my 12th graders at the end of the year. I am giving thought to doing a mystery unit with them as well and they can choose which novel to read (either Agatha Christie or Sir Author Conan Doyle) and we can have a few informal class discussions (I wonder how feasible it would be to try to hold a "mystery lunch" - similar to the mystery dinner theater - and act out a storyline. This will probably require far more time than I can devote to the unit). Anyway...I have never read Agatha Christie (for shame!) and I just happen to have the first Miss Marple book sitting on my shelf, Murder at the Vicarage.

Then again....I have wanted to read P. D. James for quite some time, and Lorna Barrett just released her 3rd Booktown mystery book, and I have only read 1 Elizabeth George mystery, but fully enjoyed it......ah, decisions....decisions.

THESE kinds of decisions, however, I don't mind making. I am very much looking forward to next weekend's reading adventures. Thank you, Kathrin and Meen, for hosting this event.


  1. This sounds like so much fun! But my weekends are not my own, so I'll cheer you on. I do LOVE Elizabeth George!

  2. I have an Elizabeth George set aside for the chunkster challenge. I think it's over 900 pages.

    Have you read a lot of her books?

    Whatever you do I know you'll have a great time.

  3. I didn't know there was a mystery read-a-thon. That sounds like fun, though I never get to read too much on the weekends--well, not as much as I'd like anyway. I ditto Kay's comment--I also like Elizabeth George and have her most recent waiting for me. PD James is also excellent. I think any of these books sound good. Have fun with it--maybe I'll do some extra 'mystery' reading next weekend, too.

  4. If you start the Mary Russell series you won't regret it. Once you start you have to know what happens to this character next, nine books later I can't get enough. The tenth "The God of the Hive" comes out this April.

  5. sounds so fun! Wish I could participate...Good Luck!


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