Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mystery RAT - Intro meme

So, it is finally here --- the mystery read-athon weekend, and man could I use it after the week I had! All negativity began to ease away on Thursday, however, when I somehow managed to bring home The Swan Thieves from the local library! I immediately began reading it, and am currently on page 160. I am so glad that the book counts for this weekend's reading genre.

For those of you not familiar with this particular read-athon, it is very low key. Over the course of the weekend attempt to read 12 hours. The selected genre is, obviously, mysteries - but any thriller/suspense novel will do.

Anyway, there is a fun intro questionnaire that we are asked to complete, so here are my answers:

Give us 5 fun facts about you: UGH! -- I hate these kinds of questions. I can never think of anything fun and creative to say. I figure I am an open book (so to speak) and everyone already knows everything about me. Well, here it goes ---
  1. I was actually a French major (even though I teach English);
  2. I played flute for several years and even debated about majoring in music (sadly, the flute has sat in the corner for about 2 decades now);
  3. my one literary vice is that I LOVE reading People magazine (I figure it is a lifestyle that I will never experience myself);
  4. I think the Chipotle carnitas burrito with black beans is about the most perfect food in town
  5. I am a born Texan - transplanted Yankee - living in the Midwest - with dreams of traveling to Europe.
What is on your TBR stack for the next two days: Well, The Swan Thieves of course. However, I have also thought that I might like to read Agatha Christie's first Miss Marple mystery, Murder at the Vicarage, and/or Shane Peacock's Eye of the Crow, and/or Nancy Springer's The Case of the Missing Marquess. All three of these books would be enrichment material for the mystery unit that I teach in the spring.

Do you have any specific hopes and plans for this read-athon? The only hope that I have is to relax and rejuvenate from this week - in the hopes of returning to school with a renewed outlook on life. I think I can only manage that by spending some quality and quantity hours reading a good book.

Did you participate in the mystery read-athon in the past? Unfortunately no. I heard about it too late to reschedule plans for the weekend.

If you already participated, can you give new participants any tips? Well, even though I have not participated in the mystery read-athon, I have taken part in two of Dewey's 24 hour read-athons. My biggest suggestion would be to have a variety of material available to read. If you tire of one book, don't push through - just pick up another. Also, young adult novels are a great way to keep reading, but give your brain a time to relax. I know that some veterans also include an audio book in the mix so that they can continue "reading" but do not strain their eyes.

If this is your first mystery read-athon, how do you plan to go ahead? I plan to put no pressure on myself whatsoever. This weekend is all about having fun and relaxing. If I finish The Swan Thieves, great....if not, I at least enjoyed the journey.

Ok - it is time to get off blogger and start reading!


  1. Ooh, Murder at the Vicarage, how fun! What mystery reading binge woukld be complete without a Christie in there? Enjoy!

  2. Have a great time, Molly. I'll be joining you in spirit since I am unable to participate this year!

  3. I sympathize with all English teachers :) Teaching a mystery unit must be fun. What do you cover? Have fun with the reading this weekend.

  4. I'm going for a relaxed thon as well. Have fun!

  5. Have fun reading this weekend. Of course, I know you will. I am reading Murder at the Vicarage right now too. So much fun.

  6. My flute was on the shelf for over 3 decades; I just started playing it again about 6 months ago. Enjoy your reading this weekend. Aloha from Rob

  7. Well don't feel bad, I'm an accountant! That is about as far from literature as you can get. This event sounds like so much fun! I can't WAIT to hear about The Swan Thieves. And I'm glad you are feeling more optimistic about life!

  8. Another accountant here! You have some wonderful books lined up and I hope you have a lovely time.

  9. Hope u r having fun Molly (i am) but taking a reading break right now.

  10. Molly, I totally agree. Nothing like a weekend of reading to recharge your batteries. I hope you complete your reading goals. Thanks for the updates. I love reading your blog!

  11. Good luck and fun this weekend!

  12. I gave you a Happy 101 Award at:

  13. Molly, glad you joined in for the Mystery Read-A-Thon!
    And you played the flute? How cool is that!


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