Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Library Loot: 01.05.10

I think it is probably sinful how much I like books. I could go to the library each and every day and just be mesmerized by all the stories patiently sitting on the shelves waiting to be read. While I don't quite go that often, I do usually stop by a few times a week, although I have not posted lately about my most recent trips. This week finds the following books sitting on MY shelves waiting to be read.

Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day by Jeff Hertzberg. Julie and Dawn were both raving about these books (there is a new book just released entitled, Healthy Artisan Break in Just Five Minutes -- which they reviewed). My entire family loves bread - probably due to my husband's Italian heritage - yet it is one culinary skill I have yet to acquire. I am hoping that this book helps to demystify the yeast ingredient for me and after the Game On Diet, I can begin to experiment with my homemade bread concoctions.

Victorian Sensation - or the Spectacular, the Shocking, and the Scandalous in Nineteenth Century Britain by Michael Diamond. I saw this in the stack of books that Nymeth received for Christmas this year and I knew I just had to see this book for myself.

An Open Book: Coming of Age in the Heartland by Michael Dirda. I saw this book when I checked out the author's other work, Book by Book (my review). I enjoy memoirs and since this is a memoir of a fellow midwest bibliophile, I simply could not resist.

Loitering with Intent by Muriel Spark. I have not read any of this author's works, although I have heard quite a bit about her. Fleur Fisher Reads gave a review of this particular novel and it sparked an interest (plus the cover on her edition was just irresistible!)

A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway. After reading Jeremy Mercer's wonderful little memoir about the Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris (my review), I was inspired to pick up this book. I am afraid that I have not read much of Hemingway in the past, but perhaps this book will motivate me to do so.

Sixpense House: Lost in a Town of Books by Paul Collins. Again, this was another book that I simply could not wait to read. I finished it in just a few hours, primarily because most of it I just skimmed. I hope to write and publish the review sometime this weekend during the Bloggiesta Celebration.

The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ogawa. I have already posted my first impressions of this wonderful little book. I simply could not wait to start reading it on the day I brought it home.

Do you notice a theme with the audio books brought home this week? YEP --- I am back on track to listen to Harry Potter (after a 6 month hiatus). And...silly me....I thought the Harry Potter Challenge ended in December (like all my other challenges) BUT....it actually continues through July 31, 2010. SO....I am still on board with the challenge and plan to "read" these books with my ears while walking 2 miles a day on the treadmill! I have decided to start over with The Sorcerer's Stone (I just love the characterization Jim Dale gives to all the voices - particularly Mr. Dursley). We also have the 6 DVDs, which if I get really inspired, I may try to watch as well prior to the challenge deadline.

I also borrowed the audio book for the Hobbit, as that will be the next novel study for seventh grade and I thought it might be a fun way to review the week's reading while driving to and from school.

Now, unfortunately school starts tomorrow (unless of course we get that snow day that I have been praying for)...so I may not be able to thoroughly read all the books in the modest library pile -- but I will certainly give it my best shot.

Thanks so much to Eva and Marg for hosting the wonderful weekly meme!


  1. I saw Julie and Dawn's posts raving about the bread book too. I can't wait to see how you do with it. I laughed when you said you're hoping for a snow day. As a kid, you can't imagine a teacher doing that.

  2. Get the Healthy Bread in Five Minutes book and make the 100% whole grain. It is do-able as the healthy carb.

  3. That was a post chock-full of fun! What a bountiful trip to the library! The kids and I absolutely love the Harry Potters on audio. We just started the 5th one. And now you've caused me to have a hankering to make bread! Too bad I can't gorge myself on it!

  4. Great stash!

    You still have plenty of time for the Harry Potter Reading Challenge. Keep up the good work :)

  5. Hi! I've given your blog the "One Lovely Blog Award" on my blog!

  6. Great loot! I recently bought A Moveable Feast and hope to read it soon... now that I'm not buying any more books ;-)

  7. I wanted to go to the library today, to pick up some books I have waiting there for me, but we ended up being snowed in! I can only walk, I wouldn't dare get the car out. I shall have to wait impatiently.

  8. You have an excellent library system to get you all those wonderful books. I'm looking forward to hearing about them, especially the Artisan Bread.

  9. Awesome loot. I love the library too. I am a library addict.

  10. I think I must be a library junky. I just can't stop myself from ordering far more books than I could ever possibly hope to read. Is there any cure or do I have to go cold turkey?

  11. One of my resolutions for this year is to go to the library more!

    I see a couple of books on your list that I want to get...A Moveable Feast, and The Housekeeper and the Professor.

  12. Loitering With Intent is my favourite Spark novel so far, Molly, and I hope that you enjoy it!

    I have a copy of The Housekeeper and the Professor to collect from the library for Tanabata's book group; I'm pleased to read that you are finding it beautiful from the outset.

  13. What a wonderful selection of books. Aren't library trips wonderful therapy?!

  14. Molly,
    Stop by my blog sometime tomorrow. I have a little something for you there...

  15. I went to the library today to pick up a book I had requested. But I have been sick and waited too long and they returned it.

    So of course, while they were reentering my request I had to find some other books to take out. Can't waste a trip after all!!!

  16. Lots of great library loot! I also have The Housekeeper and the Professor waiting for me at the library so I'm glad to hear you are really enjoying that one. I'm planning to go this weekend and pick up that book and I'm sure a few others :)

    Enjoy your books!


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