Friday, March 13, 2009

More to come......

In exactly 6 hours I will be officially on spring break! I am so in need of a full week away from it all. I am very hopeful that I will rest, relax and rejuvenate in that time frame and be more than ready to head back to school for the final 8 weeks.

I feel like I have been remiss in my postings this week. I have had quite a few papers to grade, tests to create, and literature units to complete before the break and have not had much chance to sit down and adequately compose a blog entry. I have several ideas for entries, however, that I plan to write next week. So as a are a few of the fun, exciting things that have happened to me over the last few days:
  • I learned my course schedule this summer and I managed to secure my two first-choice classes: Rewriting a Life and Teaching Shakespeare. I will write a separate blog entry for anyone who cares to know more about the classes and the books I will be reading.

  • I finished the book, We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver. This was recommended to me by several after I reviewed The Hour I First Believed. I am still sifting through my thoughts and reactions to the book and will post a review next week.

  • I hope to finish The School of Essential Ingredients this evening and will also plan to write a review for that book as well.

  • I can actually participate in Mailbox Monday!! I received my books for the summer classes I am taking AND I received my first review book from author Christopher Barzak. I am hoping to read and post about his book next week -- and to really get a head start on the 10+ books I need to read prior to June 16.
  • Another author, whom I discovered on Book blogs, has asked me to review her memoir about being an artist in France in the 1960s. This sounds just lovely and I am very honored to have this opportunity. I will probably receive the book sometime next week.
  • I won a give-away!! Actually, I won two give aways -- I never win anything in my life! I will post about these two highlights of my week and give full credit to the two wonderful ladies who made it possible.
  • I have a ton of library loot --- woot woot! I went to the library to finish grading papers yesterday and thought I would just check to see if any holds were received. I was SO surprised when 8 books were brought out! Many were books I plan to skim for my 7th grade mystery unit but.....Drood and The Help were available after weeks of waiting. AH...spring break is going to be good.

  • and last...but certainly not least.....I was bestowed the I Love Your Blog award by Jackie at Farm Lane Books. I am truly touched by those who think my ramblings are worth reading - and I am humbled and blessed by this gift. I do have a question - for anyone who is in the know - I would LOVE to properly showcase the award buttons that I have received, but I do not know how to add a 3rd column to my blogspot page (the right side is getting a little cluttered!) If you can help me out I would GREATLY appreciate it!
Well, that is all that I can think to write about for now. Like I said, I am very hopeful to get lots read - and many posts written - over the next 7-10 days when I am relatively free from life's duties, responsibilities and obligations. I am not going anywhere exotic or fancy -- but my husband has reserved a room for me in Branson, MO (about 4 hours away) from Sunday - Friday and I will have quite a bit of peace and solitude --- something I desperately need and which sounds quite exotic to me at this stage in my life.


  1. Enjoy your vacation. Seems like there will be lots of good stuff coming from you next week. I am looking forward to it.

  2. I hope you have a wonderful trip. I was thrilled to see that you won a giveaway!

  3. To add another sidebar to my blog I followed this this tutorial. That site has lots of great tips!

    Can't wait to hear your thoughts on The Love We Share Without Knowing. Enjoy your Spring Break!

  4. Enjoy your trip. What a sweet thing for your husband to do! I'd love to know more about your classes and what you'll be reading.

  5. Your hubby sounds like a real sweetiepie, enjoy your much anticipated break.

  6. Happy Spring Break! I look forward to reading all you hope to blog about--sounds like you have some good stuff planned. Your husband sounds like a doll--what a wonderful week you will have--I know that the older I have gotten, the more I crave time alone-to keep my own schedule and do my own thing. I am sure you will have a wonderful time. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog--my cardiac monitoring is over and I have a follow up call with the doctor next Wed. to discuss results.
    I am off to bed with my book--have a great Saturday!

  7. Enjoy your Spring Break, Molly. What a nice husband to give you a gift of peace and solitude for your R and R! He's a man that understands the intensity of teaching (and of life)!

  8. I hope you enjoy your vacation. Your books for school sound interesting so I hope you blog about them. Your husband is great! Have a great time!

  9. Spring break? Lovely. PLease enjoy for many of us who haven't had a spring break (due to corporate career path) but find that spring breaks are "built in" to our instinctive clocks, a leftover from glorious school years. I think if I had one, I would read and read and read (and run around the block a lot to compensate for all that "sit" time).

  10. Hi Molly!

    I hope you are enjoying your first day of break! As you know, you have won a copy of Drood from my giveaway (you are so speedy, you caught it before I could get over here!) Please email me your mailing address and Drood will be on its way. Thanks so much for entering (BTW, I just put up a new giveaway!).

    thetometraveller at yahoo dot com

  11. Enjoy your vacation! You have a lot of great stuff coming up for you :-)

  12. Enjoy your time! Spring break as a student meant something different than spring break as a mother :)

    I'm looking forward to hearing about Drood, it looks interesting but I'll be curious if the story holds up to its heft.


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