Monday, May 4, 2009

Musing Mondays -- Out-of-hand books

It is so ironic that I was just planning a post entitled: What happens when your TBR pile (that is, To Be Read pile) is longer than your "already read" pile --- and then today's Musing Monday question asks:

How many books (roughly) are in your tbr pile? Is this in increasing number or does it stay stable? Do you ever experience tbr anxiety in the face of this pile?

Up until 6 months ago I thought I was in control of my book buying binges. While I had several (perhaps 30 or so) books that I had not yet read, most of my book collection consisted of books that I had read and wanted to re-read, or books that I currently taught in school. However, six months ago I crossed over into the forbidden territory known as the "book bloggers' world" In this foreign territory I discovered such addictive behavior as book challenges - readathons - ARCs - to name just a few of the temptations that I have given myself over. I now have an elaborate spreadsheet that keeps track of books I have read - and for which challenge they count; books that I want to read (and whose website is to blame); books that I have won (either through giveaways or ARC programs); and books that I have purchased (the date and price).

I am trying to also keep track of these stats on Goodreads, but I never seem to be totally up-to-date on the TBR shelf. Currently I show that I have read 142 books; I am currently reading 3; and I have 99 books on my "to read" shelf. In all honesty, that last number is probably closer to 115 books and counting (although I do not currently own all those books; they are just books that I want to own - or at least borrow from the library - at some future date).

Do I experience anxiety over the number of books in the TBR pile?! NEVER. I like variety. I like to have a number of different books at my immediate disposal so I can find the "right" book to read when I want to read it. I do experience some frustration that I never seem to have enough hours in the day to read all that I would like to read -- but I also know that this is a phase of life. Retirement is just around the corner (well, probably a decade away, but I know how fast time flies) and I will never experience boredom. Between reading, blogging, scrapbooking, and family - I will still have a hard time finding enough hours in the day to do all that I desire to do: Praise God!


  1. You're braver than I am. There's no way I would count my TBR pile. It gives me pleasure, not anxiety.

  2. The lack of books to me is what makes me anxious. :)

  3. The book blogger world certainly has increased my list of books I want to read! But its great!

  4. I like Matt's comment! that's when I get anxious, when my TBR pile goes down! lol

    I've given you an award, I hope you like it. :-)
    And I know all about time and doing things we love to do. I like your answer too :-)

  5. The nice thing? We are all in good company with our addiction!

  6. I refuse to count mine! They are in various places around the house so they don't look too bad in any one place (but thats more a space issue). If I don't know numbers I can't get anxious! Lol. And that doesn't include the stupidly long list of things I'd like to read!

  7. I know what you mean about this foreign territory. I've been doing this for six months also and my tbr list is completely out of control. On the other hand - I'm very happy and don't really care how bigthe list is. Happy reading.

  8. I agree with you ... stepping into the foreign land of book blogging opens you up to so many new books that an out-of-control TBR list is to be expected -- and welcomed! I know the quality of my reading has improved tremendously since I started book blogging. And you can never have TOO many books!

  9. I get anxious about my books. I have over 250 unread books on my shelf and at the rate that I'm acquiring I'll never finish. :( It's one of the main reasons I stopped entering giveaways or accepting ARCs. Sometimes I think it is ridiculous that I have SO many books, but I do love them so much. :D


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