Friday, May 15, 2009

Library Loot - 5.15.09

Yesterday the Booking Through Thursday prompt asked if we consider ourselves "book gluttons" - that is, constantly adding more and more books to our TBR shelves when we can't possibly read what we own already. I personally think that should be a requirement of a book blogger: you must be willing to bring more books into the house than you can possibly read in a lifetime, and still seem unfilled if you can't buy more on a regular basis.

Here is a case in point: Last night I visited my local library to pick up 5 books that were available from my list of requested books. I still have 9 books on hold. In the month of May (and we are only half way through the month) I have purchased 8 books. I need to read approximately 12 books between and June 15 for my Master's program. I will be attending the Book Expo of America (BEA) May 28-31 in NYC -- and I know I am sure to find new releases that I MUST have now. Can you understand why I titled yesterday's post: Is there a 12 step program for Bibliophiles?!

Now perhaps if I were a speed reader like some of you, this would be no problem. But alas, I am not. I savor every word of the books that I read (at a relatively slow pace) and for those books that I need to study this summer - I will also take notes. I am hoping to balance my reading time between today (my official last day of school for the 2008/2009 year!!) and June 15. I WILL accomplish all required reading, but I also hope to read my first 3 ARCs and post reviews.

In the meantime, the 5 books that I picked up from the library this week fit none of the above requirements. They are strictly for my own personal enjoyment:

Murder on Astor Place by Victoria Thompson. I discovered this new-to-me series while "buying indie" a couple of weeks ago. The setting is NYC at the turn of the century, and the titles are all places that I recognize from having lived there from 1984-1988. This is the first in the series.

Feint of Art by Hailey Lind. This is another series that I discovered on the same indie-shopping day. This series focuses on the art world - something of which I have little knowledge, but great desire to learn.

Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout. This book has been on my TBR list since January when I first read your reviews. However, once it won the Pulitzer for 2009, I bumped it to the top of the list. Surprisingly enough, I only had to wait about 2 weeks to obtain a library copy.

Fingersmith by Sarah Waters. This book comes highly recommended by Farm Lane Books and since I so enjoy her blog, I figured her recommendations must be good.

Among the Impostors by Margaret Peterson Haddix. I just completed Among the Hidden this past week (review will hopefully happen next week after all final grades have been calculated) and enjoyed it enough to want to read the next book in the series.

Will I will all of these in the allotted time of 3 weeks - along with all my other reading requirements? Probably not. But it will sure be fun trying.


  1. I have been circling Olive Kittredge for a while at the bookstore. Good idea to get it at the library.

  2. Hell, my name is Kaye . . . .and I am a bookoholic. Join the crowd Molly, there is always room for one more who needs the program.
    I couldn't live long enough to read all the books I want to read.
    Have a good weekend and happy reading!

  3. Have fun reading Fingersmith! I loved all of Sarah Waters books!

  4. wow.. the killer is 12 books for your masters! I hope they are short books!

    I left a comment on another blog that trying to cut back on books is harder than trying to stick to a diet or give up smoking! It took me over 50 yrs to quite smoking so if you ask me if there is any hope in not getting books... well.... all I can do is laugh!

  5. You're going to be busy, that's for sure. I don't think we'll get much reading done while we're in New York for BEA. I can't wait to see what you think of Olive Kitteridge.

  6. I know what you mean about buying books obssessively. I have some 400 books in my personal library that have yet to be read :o. I just cannot get myself to stop buying them.
    Anyway, I am excited to meet you at BEA. It'll be a lot of fun. I saw you will also be among the bloggers featured during the blogger signing. Very nice :-) I'll make sure to stop by that booth.

  7. i'm not really a book hog--95% of the books on my shelves have been read--it's the STACK of 20+ on my floor that have me a bit worried. for each book i read for BL&S, i get 4 or 5 more. it's fun but i do get a bit anxious. i want to make sure i get to them all and write good reviews as well.

  8. I love your requirement to bring in more books than one can possibly read. So far I've been doing a good job of living up to that requirement. No 12 step program for me. I don't want to quit.

  9. It's a fun kind of overwhelming feeling, isn't it! :)

  10. Whew! I am so glad I qualify as a book blogger! :) Bringing in more books than I can read is absolutely NO problem for me--case in point the post I am getting ready to write on my blog tonight!
    Happy end of the school year--my boys go until the end of June so we don't have that thrill happening at our house yet--but it is coming.

  11. I checked out Olive Kitteridge from the library last week only to find it in perfect condition a couple of days later at the secondhand store for $1! I was so happy!

    I've read great reviews for Fingersmith and will get to it one day.

    My stack of library books is as bad as yours. =) I take notes when I read also. Good luck with your reading.


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