Sunday, April 12, 2009

TSS - 4.12.09 (short)

Happy Easter!! Yes, it is a glorious day and the rainy forecast will not dampen my spirits.

My day was rather lazy yesterday, as I spent most of the day reading Inkspell and learning the ins and outs of PhotoShop from my son who is home for Easter. It was a great relaxing day, but that means I must make up for it today. The family will come over around 5:00 for an Easter dinner of ham, brisket, potato casserole, baked beans and French Silk Pie. I have purchased all ingredients, but I have not prepared a single thing. Also, the house is a mess and it must be cleaned by 4:30. Not to worry, with a sweet hubby and willing teenager (cough - cough) we should have it in presentable shape in about an hour.

I am hopeful to complete Inkspell today (I have less than 200 pages to go) - but if that doesn't happen it will be ok. I am finding this book to be a bit more tedious than Inkheart (read review here), so I may not read these last few pages as closely.

I am very excited for the Read-a-thon on April 18 and have thoroughly enjoyed reading all your posts this weekend. I have added many new books (particularly YA books) to my TBR pile that I might attempt for the event - or I might save for another time. As luck would have it - my local library is having their huge annual Friends of the Library Sale this week. I plan to go to the special preview on Thursday night and hope to find some great bargains!

I hope this finds all of you in joyous moods today. Happy Easter Sunday!


  1. Happy Easter, Molly! With such good helpers, I'm sure you'll have it all pulled together by 5.

  2. You certainly are Wonder Woman today! lol Dinner sounds amazing...please have a piece of that pie for me! Happy Easter to you and your family!

  3. Better be careful that cough could become something serious. You could be choked, I mean choke in your sleep.

  4. Happy Easter :) Enjoy your dinner!

    I read Inkheart and really enjoyed it, I wnat to read the rest of the series.


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