Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Journaling I = Intuition

Intuition: direct perception of truth or fact independent of any reasoning process; an immediate apprehension; a keen and quick insight.

Rabbit Trail: veering off subject or off the point of conversation.

Perhaps not exactly synonyms, but when it comes to journaling, these terms are definitely related.

I am highly focused. As much as I try, I cannot multi-task. Instead, I can easily sit for hours researching a project. As a teacher, I rarely allowed students to distract me from the lesson at hand.

However, I've learned this kind of laser-lock focus can limit journaling effectiveness.

When I begin a journaling session, I either start with a designated writing prompt, or I hope to find direction and/or clarity in a given situation, or I need to release pent up emotion. But this only serves as a starting point.

As I've repeated several times already, there is no one right way to journal. Which also means... there is no one right answer to a journaling prompt.

For perfectionists like myself, we can't get so wrapped up in the prompt that we ignore our needs.

If an idea pops into your head that appears to be random and not at all related to the task at hand... FOLLOW IT! This is your subconscious trying to communicate with you. Trust this thought. Follow your intuition. For oftentimes it is the bunny trail that leads to the aha moment - the insight - the nugget that helps set you on the proper path

* * *

I encourage you to let go ... follow your mind wherever it may lead ... and see if it takes you where you need to be.

Up next: Journaling - J is for Journey


  1. The freedom of going off at a tangent is the reason I love free writing...
    It's amazing what the subconscious produces...and there are always nuggets hidden amongst the rambling ideas.
    Writer In Transit

  2. I am always pleasantly surprised when that hidden nugget appears out of the chaos :)

  3. I love journaling. I do the Morning pages routine daily and it is one of my favorite ways where I let my intuition give me clarity of thought.
    Loved this post.


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