Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Stocking Tradition

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Totoro Family Stockings:

Have you ever experienced a time when you innocently started something rather simple that over time mushroomed into something much bigger than you ever envisioned? Such is the plight of Totoro Christmas stockings.

See, I have a December birthday. I don't mind it so much now, but as a child, I hated having my birthday so close to Christmas. I had to wait 355 days until I could open presents - and that seemed like an eternity. In my mind, if I could prolong Christmas, then the wait wouldn't be unbearable.

So when I had children, I made that wish a reality. To prolong the magic of Christmas just a wee bit, I would individually wrap each stocking gift in special "Santa" paper. The children would rush downstairs on Christmas morning to see what big gifts Santa brought - and then they would eagerly tear into the stockings. I'm not sure who had more fun - the children opening the presents, or me watching them enjoy the process.

When I started this tradition, I thought it would last a few years - just long enough for the youngest child to stop believing. However, that did not happen. As the children grew, I noticed they would excitedly tell their friends of this tradition - and then become incredulous when they discovered this same Christmas magic did not happen in other homes. I decided to continue until they graduated high school.

However... once they graduated, and met their significant others, I noticed they would proudly discuss our family's Christmas traditions, and wrapped stocking gifts ranked high on the list. I remember one year the girls and I were shopping at Hobby Lobby and I inadvertently put the Santa paper in the cart. I was quickly told that was unacceptable. Santa paper cannot be seen before Christmas morning. I promptly put it back and returned another day.

My husband and I used to wrap the stocking gifts on Christmas Eve night - after the kids had gone upstairs to bed. We would watch It's a Wonderful Life, sip a glass of wine, and wrap like little elves.

At this point, however, this simple holiday tradition has grown to include 8 stockings, with the certainty of more in the next couple of years. It takes several hours - spread over the course of 2-3 days - to wrap all the presents. It is indeed a labor of love.

And while the children know the contents - toiletries, mani-pedi supplies, lip balm, candy, etc. - they are still excited to open the gifts, and I must confess, I still love that makes the holiday last just a little bit longer.


  1. What a great tradition! I always love seeing what is in my stocking, even as an adult.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. I love this tradition - and especially the Santa paper! May it live long and into many generations of Totoros!!

  3. That's a lovely tradition. Merry Christmas!


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