Monday, January 7, 2013

Library Loot: 1.7.13

Oh it has been a long time since I have shared my loot with you .... but trust me, I have maintained a very active account at my local library for the past several months.  Thanks to Marg at The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader and Claire at The Captive Reader for sponsoring this weekly meme.

I have divided my loot into two separate categories:  those books that I plan to read for my mystery writing endeavors ... and all other books outside that description.

The Eclectic Grouping:
The Big New Yorker Book of Dogs by Malcolm Gladwell.  Anyone who knows me knows why this book is on the list.  I have only skimmed the first few pages, but I am fairly certain that this will have to be a permanent addition to my personal library.

The World of Downton Abbey by Jessica Fellowes.  While I have only watched the first three episodes from season one, I know that this is a series that I would enjoy (in fact, I gave my eldest the first two seasons on Blu-Ray this past Christmas).  I thought this book might provide some interesting background information that will aid me in appreciating the time period.

Vineyard Tales:  Reflections on Wine by Gerald Asher.  Not a typical "how to appreciate wine" book, but more a collection of narratives that involve the enjoyment of wine.  I think this might be a nice book to add to my own collection so that it is available to read one or two essays as time and/or interest permits.

The $100 Start-up:  Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future by Chris Guillebeau.   I don't remember where I first heard of this book, but I can tell you it is quite popular.  I think I placed the book on hold over three months ago.  I have read about half of it so far (it reads fast) and while there is nothing earth-shattering new, it does provide some interesting material upon which to ponder.

The Cozies:
Murder and Sullivan by Sara Hoskinson Frommer.  I selected this mystery series because Joan Spencer, our amateur sleuth, is an orchestra manager from Indiana.  I have always had a love of music and living in the midwest myself made the setting of interest as well.  Plus...who could resist such a clever title?

Exhaustive Enquiries by Betty Rowlands.  I selected this mystery because the main character, Melissa Craig, is a mystery author herself - who lives in the Cotswolds, England - my dream location.

Trouble in the Town Hall by Jeanne M. Dams.  The basic description of this series is that the main character, Dorothy Martin, is a retired American teacher living in England.  This sounds like fiction imitating my reality!

Bruno, Chief of Police by Martin Walker.  I know precious little about this series except that Bruno resides in St. Denis, a small town in France.  Need I say more....

Strangled Prose by Joan Hess.  Another "literary" sleuth - this time the owner of a bookstore in a small town in Arkansas.  I'm not sure if it will have too much of a romance feel for me though...

It is an ambitious list of books - and I'm not sure that I will read through all of them - but it will be enjoyable no matter what.


  1. I love how the US has taken to our very English Downton Abbey. Lol. Hope you well and had a good Christmas and New Year.

  2. The Malcolm Gladwell book sounds very interesting to me!

  3. It's great to see you back in the blogging world. I also slowed down during the past year but found I couldn't walk away completely. As you said in another post, it's such a wonderful community.

  4. Hi Molly, great variety in books here. I'm hoping that 2013 is a good year for everything for you.

  5. The Downton Abbey one sounds really interesting. I love the time period but my only regret about the show is how quickly time passes! Seems you blink and all of a sudden two years have passed.

    I don't get to the library very often but should start now that Elle would rather flip through a book than eat it. We do have quite a home collection but she's quickly outgrowing them.

  6. I always enjoy reading about books and get some new ideas. I don't know any of these books, and I don't watch TV, so I'm even not familiar with Downtown Abby!

  7. The cozies look awesome and I have to tell you that you will simply adore the Downton Abbey book. I loved it big time!!


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