Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A writing prompt

It is not often that I share a personal writing sample here on this blog.  Well, that is probably not entirely true.  This blog is nothing but personal essays on a variety of topics.  But today I was profoundly impacted by the writing prompt from the Project 137 Days - and I decided to make it more of a public declaration.

Today's prompt was this:
"The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it."             - W. M. Lewis 
What would you like to begin?
And here was my response (unedited --- totally rough draft):

I feel as though today I have truly begun a new chapter of life - one that provides balance to what has been a very chaotic life so far (all my own doing!)

Today was the first day of school, but today was different.  Today I taught only classes that I want to teach - that I am passionate about teaching.  And in doing so, I have truly begun to live again.

This year I am not overtaxed by lesson plans or grading or disrespectful students.  Rather - I feel as though I can take this all in stride because I am in balance; I am pursuing a vocation without a loss of self.  And I have felt lost for quite sometime.

So what would I begin?  I think I have already begun.

I have added writing to my regular routine.  I have organized a greeting card ministry.  I have found a photography hobby that promises lots of learning and personal growth opportunities.

For me the question has finally become what and how will I continue to do all these activities that stimulate my emotional, intellectual, creative, and spiritual sides --- and find a perfect sense of balance to provide a life of sustaining peace and joy.


  1. You really have begun to live life on your own terms in the past few months!


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