Sunday, October 16, 2011

Where's Waldo....

....or as the case may be, Where's Molly been?

I realize that I have not posted since my trip to Paris, which was over two  months ago - and this week two very kind considerate bloggers took the time out of their own hectic lives to inquire if I was still alive:  Alyce and Catherine thank you so much for checking on me.

Let's see if I can give a brief summary of these past several weeks:

I finally arrived home from France about 9:00PM on a Sunday night - and had to report back to school the following Friday at 8:30AM.  I barely had time to recover from jet lag when I had to jump into lesson plans and literary analysis.  For a variety of reasons - not the least of which include the economy and the necessity for the school to move for the third time in six years - our enrollment dropped about 30 percent.  This created quite a bit of anxiety for me as I am paid by the student, not by the class.  However, all has worked itself out financially, so no worries.

My goal this year is to complete most of my school work AT school - so that when I come home I am free to pursue personal interests.  So far, I have been able to keep this promise.  Well, at least as far as doing school work only at school.  For some reason when I come home I have had little energy or interest in anything else but sitting on the couch.  I have not picked up a book for pleasure reading since last spring - which is very unlike me and quite frankly, not conducive to the reputation of a book blogger.  So I have chosen to hibernate and not post or read blogs as I felt rather unworthy of that privilege.

Brynn at Pumpkin Patch
October 15, 2011
I wonder if perhaps my stressful spring - Mom's passing, the birth of my granddaughter, the high school graduation of my youngest, and the planning of my trip to Paris - finally caught up with me.  Not only did it zap my energy and desires, but I think it also lowered my immunity.  I rarely get sick, but  I have had the same cold for the past two weeks:  not sick enough to prevent me from teaching, but enough to keep me from doing anything else.

BUT...the weather is cooler now in Kansas City and the promise of a frost this week gives hope to those who suffer from allergies and cold-like symptoms.  The fall colors and thoughts of holiday preparations always puts me in a great mood, and the start of NaNoWriMo in just two weeks has put a new spring in my step and desire in my heart.  I plan to write a memoir of my Parisian trip - the thirty year wait for the adventure of a lifetime.  And as luck would have it, Dave Fox is offering an online workshop on travel writing in January - which is perfect timing to help me revise this very rough draft.

While I have still not picked up a book for pleasure - I hope to do that soon.  I truly missed participating in Carl's RIP challenge and the Dewey Fall Read-athon, but there is always next year.  I have wanted to write for the Weekend Cooking segment, but quite frankly I have had nothing to contribute.  This cooler weather, however, has sparked a new interest in cooking and an adventurous desire to find new recipes to test.  Since Trader Joe's just recently opened in Kansas City, I am anxious to sample many of their tasty treats.

The DUST - or as I like
to refer to it:  the black
scarf of death
For those who followed my Paris journal, I finally resolved my camera's pesky dust problem, and I am anxious to take it out and capture some of the vivid fall leaves before they all wither and drop to the ground.  I have also signed up for Susannah Conway's online course, Photo Mediations, which lasts through the first week of December - perfect timing to help me capture the fun of family holiday celebrations.

So  yes....I am still here and am slowly making my way out of hibernation and acclimating myself again to the activities that give me great pleasure.  I shall be visiting blogs again soon and look forward to reconnecting with many of my online friends.  I have missed you all.


  1. I figured you might hibernate a little after the Paris trip. You did so much blogging on your trip. Good to hear from you and I'm glad to hear things are looking up. When you're short on time, I recommend short stories. ;-)

  2. It's good to hear from you, Molly. I knew you'd need a break after your trip and the beginning of the school year. Trader Joes announced this week that they're building a store 1 1/2 hours away... close enough for a quarterly trip. Hurray!

  3. So good to hear from you! I guess I just assumed life had swallowed you whole after your Paris trip. (That always seems to happen we when go away.) You have had one hell of a year, so I can see how you might have wandered off the normal path. You will know when it is the right time to come back to the blogs.

    BTW, a teacher being paid by the student seems very messed up to me. I don't see the point, or the benefit. Rarely do I understand the actions of school systems though.

  4. I'm so glad you posted. I was thinking about you the other day but was nowhere near my computer at the time. You've had a pretty eventful year and deserve a break.

  5. oh, a little editing software can clean those dusty photos right up!!

  6. Sounds like you're getting your mojo back. I read all of your Paris posts in one sitting on my Reader but it was so wonderful to live vicariously through your wonderful experience! Brynne is getting so big - and adorable!

  7. I've missed your posts, Mollie - but I also totally understand the need to hibernate. Sometimes we need to take time off and recharge our batteries. I am going to do Nanowrimo this year for the first time in several years...I really miss the writing I used to do - so we can cheer each other on!

    Thanks for taking the time time up date us on what you've been doing :)

  8. Leaving another comment so I can get the updates :)

  9. Thank you all so much for your kind comments!

    CB and JoAnn - yes, I guess I expected more of myself than I was able to give. The trip did wear me out - and the return to school finished me off :)

    Cathy - You have been such an encouragement to me all spring. I so appreciate your cyber friendship!

    Sandy - I have so missed your humorous posts! Yes, being paid by the student is a it unusual, but then again, we are a very small private school (and this year even smaller!)

    Caite - I am anxious to start learning photo editing software - for more than just my pesky dust :) I just got a macbook computer and am starting to become familiar with iPhoto. Learning Photoshop Elements is next on my list.

    Lisa - I sure hope the mojo is returning - I have missed it greatly :)

    Wendy - I would love to be your cheerleader for NaNoWriMo! What is your user name and I can add you as a writing buddy :)

  10. I'm Caribousmom of course :) What is your username???

  11. Well of course that would be your user name :)

    Mine is Mstermind1 - although it looks like they do not have the buddy capabilities set up yet.

  12. I'm so happy to hear from you. I've thought about you more than once and should've dropped a line to you too!! Writing a memoir?! Yay!! I will read it for sure! Life has been crazy for you this year..don't be so hard on yourself!!

  13. Molly, I'm so glad to see a post from you. I was thining about you just the other day and clicked over to your blog to see if I'd missed a post. Had it on my list to send you an email this week, but lo and behold, here you are.

    I'm so glad to hear that you are taking care of yourself. My word, you have had a year, haven't you? I think that sometimes we just have to step back and do whatever is necessary to heal and recover and rest. And that may include not reading - horrors, I know.

    I've had an odd reading year too, but after writing about it on my blog, moaning about the fact that I'm not at all motivated to write any reviews on the few books I'm finishing, and getting some encouragement from friends, I'm here to say - We'll all be around whenever you want to write anything. And it doesn't have to be about books.

    Your precious girl is so cute! I know you just love to squeeze her to pieces. LOL

    Hugs to you and welcome back. I've missed you. :-)

  14. Good to hear from you!! you have been through a lot in the past year … I'm not surprised it is catching up to you a bit.

  15. It's good to see that you're okay! Brynn is such a beautiful baby. It sounds like you're "waking up" though life has been so busy and stressful for you. Take care of yourself.

  16. So glad you've posted to let us know you are alive. I have your blog on my igoogle page so every time I open my browser there you are. Or aren't, as the case may be. I understand that wanting to take a break. Sometimes you just have to take time and regroup.

  17. So glad to see a post from you. I was asking after you on Twitter to see if any book bloggers had heard from you since Paris. Good to know you made it home and are re-cooping (even if slowly). Your posts from France were wonderful. Thanks for sharing the trip with all of us.

    Look forward to having you back in bloggerworld. Praying you have a speedy recovery from your cold, a return of your energy, and a smooth school year.

  18. I was wondering how you were doing after that trip. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate and just need some time to let things settle down.

  19. It's good to see a post from you, Molly. I'm sure all of the things you mentioned, then, getting back into the school year, have been stressful, some sad, some happy, and some in between. Your little granddaughter is darling. What fun you will have with her at the holidays.
    I hope your cold abates soon.

  20. You may not have been blogging for a while, but it's obvious that your friends haven't forgotten you. Welcome back. Even if you are not reviewing a book or books, I always find your posts well worth reading.

  21. Yeah!!!! You've blogged again! I've missed reading your words. And if everything goes well, I get to see you in two weeks before I head back to Houston!

  22. I'm so glad to see that it was just life keeping you busy and away from the computer - I figured that had to be it! I hope you are feeling better soon!

    I think some mental down time has got to be healthy after the hectic year that you had.

  23. I was thinking about you the other day! Even though I don't think I was able to comment on your Paris posts (was busy with the newborn), I loved all your updates.

    Brynn is a beauty!!

    Hope you see you around here soon--we'll miss you tomorrow but I understand. Take care!

  24. So glad to see a post from you...I knew you were traveling, so it's good that you're back. Your NaNo project sounds great.

    Love your granddaughter's photo...gorgeous! And I love her name, too.

    I'm not doing NaNo this year. I'm still working on the one I began last year. It's almost done!

  25. We've missed you!! Such fun to get caught up. Goodness - look at beautiful Brynn! I was wondering if you'd be doing NaNo this year - will be fun to hear how that goes:)


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