Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Hallelujah Song

One of Mom's many angels
When my eldest graduated high school I, along with the help of a dear friend, made her a dvd of several videos throughout her growing up years and we played it at her open house.   When my son graduated, his skills in video post production were so far superior to my own that I decided instead to create a cd of meaningful songs - both those we shared while he was growing up, as well as though I wanted to share with him as he left home.  When Mandy graduated this spring she requested a cd as well and it was a lot of fun trying to find songs that she might enjoy now and years to come.

One of my Google searches for "popular songs for 2011 graduation" led me to this one by Julianne Hough.  Now I must confess that I am not a Dancing with the Stars fan, nor do I listen to much country music.  However, when I first heard this song the melody was so upbeat that I could not help but smile.

As I shared yesterday, I tend to focus on beat and melody first in music, and it is usually as a last resort that I actually listen to the words (strange for an English teacher, huh?).  But over the past few days I have really heard the words that are spoken here and I must say that they mimic where I am in life right now:
I think I finally made it here where I belong  .... 
Life is more than the breaths you take; it's the moments that take your breath away ... 
It took some time but I was never by myself, there were angels helping all along.
It has been just a little over three months since Mom passed away.  She collected angels.

Perhaps some of you might find this song as uplifting as I do.


  1. The song is definitely upbeat - but I don't like the voice of the singer. Which is sad, because the lyrics are good.

  2. What good lyrics and, yes, it is upbeat, Molly.

    Those are such touching and meaningful graduation gifts for you children. Tom and I both wrote them letters.

    That is such a sweet angel and nice visual reminder of your mom. I collect angels as well, but, most of them come out at Christmastime. Such transitions, sad and joyous combined. Hallelujah!

  3. Beautiful! I love the idea of "singing a hallelujah song" at whatever stage of life. A wonderful reminder of your mom, Mandy and the new arrival. Thanks for sharing. I need a kleenex! :)

  4. Love the lyrics of the song, Molly. I am not really much of a music person, but I think I'm like you. I listen to the melody first, and then if I like it, I'll listen to the lyrics.

    Hayley graduated this year, too!

  5. I love it when a song or lyrics helps us on our paths in life!!

  6. Great one! So glad you feel you're in the right place.

  7. It is wonderful to find a song and lyrics that seem to speak to us directly. Those are the best songs!


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