Thursday, September 2, 2010


I was at the hospital today visiting with Mom and waiting to talk with the nurse regarding her condition.  I arrived around 3:00pm and put in my request to talk with her before I even went into Mom's room.  I was told that the nurse had just admitted another patient, but "would be with me shortly"

That is a nebulous term, "be with you shortly"  I consider "shortly" to mean 15 or 20 minutes, wouldn't you?

Forty minutes later (yes 4-0) the nurse popped her head in the room and said that she was really busy but she would be back in "just a minute"  Now, I am not naive enough to think that just a minute means 60 seconds, but I think that perhaps 5-10 minutes is a reasonable time frame.

Shortly after this there was announcement over the intercom that a Dr. Anderson was needed in the ER - stat.  This was repeated about 3 times and I thought that perhaps we were dealing with a rush hour accident, or a heart attack patient.  I said a quick prayer for those in ER....but went on seething at the incredibly long wait that I had to endure in order to ask one simple question.

After one hour and ten minutes I left the hospital --- never having spoken to the nurse.  While I was quite frustrated, I did rationalize that there is always tomorrow.

Just now I was watching the news and I heard that a 7 year old boy tried to run between two cars walking home from school today.  He was rushed to the hospital at 3:45 PM -- the same hospital where my mom is staying.  They tried to resuscitate him; they tried to do all they could do.  He did not make it.

I am certain that Dr. Anderson was the doctor on call.

And I am so sorry that I my patience is so weak, and I am so self-centered, to think that I was being inconvenienced when a young boy was fighting for his life and a family was struggling downstairs.  Their lives are forever changed; and I have come to realize that I am truly blessed.

I pray for the ER staff who valiantly strived to save this young boy; I pray for his family - who is left wondering how on earth this could happen when the morning started off so typical; and I pray for the driver of the car that hit him --- knowing that they had no idea that a young child would run across their path so unexpectedly.


  1. Wow, serious reality check. But don't blame yourself. You are human, and you were worried about your mom. So your heart was in the right place anyway. That poor child's family...

  2. Molly, that was a powerful piece of writing you did. Truly.

    My heart goes out to the child's family and everyone you mentioned. Such a tragedy.

    Also sorry about your frustrating time. Sometimes it's tough to get with the nurses, isn't it? My daughter is a RN who worked in a hospital and she always gave me the flipside of the story in that regard or as Paul Harvey said, "The rest of the story...". :-)

  3. I echo Sandy's sentiments, but she said it so much better than I could.

  4. Awww, Molly! Don't blame yourself. That poor family.. .

  5. Your prayers and concern for everyone involved in this tragedy show what a caring person you are. We all have moments when impatience and frustration take over, but being in that spot allowed you to pray for that family - a story that may not have caught your attention otherwise. Maybe that was the reason for your long wait at the hospital. I know your prayers were heard and will help everyone involved.

  6. Oh, Joan, I pray for you as well; that you know you were where you needed to be and that though you were impatient, as I would have been, someone else might have created an unwelcome stir, that your heart be still and that your question be answered soon.
    That poor family and such a young life now gone. How terribly sad.
    My thoughts are going your way today.

  7. Molly, what a tragedy. They are unfolding every minute of every hour, aren't they?

    Thank you for stressing the sacredness, the tenuousness, of life.


  8. Wow. Thanks for posting that Molly. I think we ALL need a reminder of perspective.

  9. How sad! But I don't think you need to feel guilty. Your impatience was caused by your need to care for your mother not by your own selfishness.

  10. How sad! But I don't think you need to feel guilty. Your impatience was caused by your need to care for your mother not by your own selfishness.

  11. I agree with Sandy - don't blame yourself for this. You had a right to worry and you had no idea about the boy. I would behave the exact same way, in fact my patience is even thinner where my loved ones are concerned.


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