Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Review: 8 Minutes in the Morning

A simple way to shed up to 2 pounds a week guaranteed
by Jorge Cruise
published by Rodale
copyright 2001
rating: 4.5 out of 5

One of my New Year's Resolutions for say the past decade has been to concentrate on fitness for a healthy lifestyle. I am a huge believer in moderation of everything - but since my life has not included water nor exercise for a while, I felt as though I was not living my own maxim. I suppose there was something about turning 50, however, that gave this year's resolution sticking power. We are now in February and I have walked over 35 miles, drunk (on average) 4-6 glasses of water a day (which is not optimum - but I am working towards that goal), and I have completed one complete circuit of the 8 Minute workouts outlined in this book.

I had really never heard of this exercise regime before, but as I was browsing through the used bookstore a little after Christmas (I had a gift card, you know), I saw this book on the clearance rack. I figured for $2.00, what did I have to lose and the premise of the book seemed quite manageable: complete 4 cycles of two different exercises each morning for a total workout time of approximately 8 minutes. Now, I am just as busy as the next person (or so I tell myself), but I thought that I should be able to find 8 minutes in my day to exercise - right?

Now I cannot vouch for losing 2 pounds a week, as weight loss was not my goal. I just want to build up some muscle tone and become a bit more lean. I found all the exercises doable except for the two that required a push-ups. My upper arm strength has never been good, and that will take a while to develop. I did purchase a set of 3-pound weights, and if I continue with these exercises over the course of the year (which is my intention), then I will have to eventually invest in a set of 5-pound weights as well. However, there is not other equipment to buy - no fancy steps to learn - no gym membership - no driving in all weather conditions - no fancy workout clothes or latest fitness shoes to purchase --- just a simple desire to take those baby steps to better health.

I would recommend this book to anyone who, like me, uses the excuse of "I have no time to exercise" I know you have 8 minutes and while it may take a while for the results to be evident in the mirror, the emotional satisfaction of doing something good for yourself is instantaneous.


  1. I've heard of this book but haven't looked through it. I guess almost everyone can find 8 minutes.

  2. I loved doing this exercise regime. My mom bought this book when I was in college and (shh don't tell anyone) I copied the exercises and took them to college with me. They were the easiest things to do on a tight college schedule. Glad you like the book!

  3. Eight minutes of exercise a day! I like it! I struggle with the exercise side of life, I do try, but the cold weather doesn't make me very enthusiastic. This book sounds wonderful.

  4. Now I have 8 minutes in the Morning. I just don't have the motivation...LOL

    It does sound good Molly.

  5. I'm sure I have 8 minutes to spare! Keep us posted of your progress, please!

  6. I can definitely do 8 minutes a day. This book sounds like something that would work for me, since I always seem to succeed at a daily writing goal if I peg it at "20 minutes a day". When we're talking minutes, suddenly everything seems doable!

  7. Hmm, sounds good! I belong to a gym that involves 30 minutes at a time, and I have a hard time going there twice a week!

    But maybe if I do this 8 minute thing in-between...

  8. I've got a DVD featuring a 12 minute daily workout, but 8 sounds even better! Seriously though, it's great you're making some healthy changes - I've been doing the same. Maybe it is a 50 thing...

  9. I'm suspicious on that two pound thing! I know how much I've been exercising and how little I've been eating, and this is about what I've been losing. Still, I'll try anything right?

  10. I agree with you that the goal is to be active in order to stay active. Congrats to you and your will power! I live in NJ, and with freezing cold, snow, and ice, it's hard to make myself walk! I guess it's the treadmill...

  11. I'll have to look into this. It would be very very very hard to not be able to find 8 minutes to exercise! Even I couldn't wiggle out that one.


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