Thursday, July 23, 2009

BTT: short survey

Oh - I am so excited! My first "real" post in over six weeks, and fortunately this one does not require a lot of thought (my brain is still mush after writing so many papers in a six week period). The BTT meme asks:

Which do you prefer? (Quick answers–we’ll do more detail at some later date)

  • Reading something frivolous? Or something serious? Usually....something serious. But right now I can hardly wait to pick up an easy-going mystery and totally escape.
  • Paperbacks? Or hardcovers? Usually Paperbacks because they are easy to carry with me anywhere I want to go.
  • Fiction? Or Nonfiction? I prefer fiction, but every once in a while I go on a non-fiction reading spree.
  • Poetry? Or Prose? Prose, without a doubt.
  • Biographies? Or Autobiographies? Either
  • History? Or Historical Fiction? Historical fiction.
  • Series? Or Stand-alones? Up until recently I have only read stand-alones. I am trying to read more series now in order to learn how the author develops characters over time.
  • Classics? Or best-sellers? Classics because I am generally guaranteed a great book with little inappropriate language (call me old-fashioned). There are, however, some great best-sellers out there and I am always interested in reading any good, well-written novel.
  • Lurid, fruity prose? Or straight-forward, basic prose? Straight-forward, basic prose Those who know me know that is a no-brainer question as I am straight-forward and basic in nearly every aspect of life.
  • Plots? Or Stream-of-Consciousness? Plots --- I have not developed enough literary skill to understand stream-of-consciousness yet
  • Long books? Or Short? Long - I enjoy the development of plot, character, and theme over time. I am usually sad once the story is over. It is like saying good-bye to a close friend.
  • Illustrated? Or Non-illustrated? Typically non-illustrated, but I am trying to add art appreciation to my list of new educational pursuits.
  • Borrowed? Or Owned? Owned, definitely. Although finances dictate that I use my local library on a regular basis
  • New? Or Used? Gently used - as I can buy more books that way
This was a fun quiz, and just about as "serious" as I can stand right now. I am anxious to see what "further details" will be included in future BTT memes.


  1. It was a fun quiz, but hard too..I like all kinds of books. Hope your mushy brain returns to normal soon! LOL

  2. We agree on most of these, but quick answers are tough! I could have easily written a paragraph or two for each.


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