Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm off......

Well, I have pre-scheduled this post, so hopefully as you are reading this entry I am on my way to Asheville, NC. I left Kansas Monday, June 15 at 5:30pm to fly to Atlanta, GA where I was to stay overnight with a fellow Bread Loaf student that I met last year. We were to leave Atlanta bright and early this morning, Tuesday, June 16, to travel about 4.5 hours to Asheville. Hopefully we arrived here around 1:00pm - I was able to secure my dorm room (and I am staying with my roommate from last year) - and I have unpacked my bags for a 6 week stay.

This will be my 2nd year (out of 5) in this program. The goal is to complete 2 courses each summer over the course of 5 years in order to obtain a Masters of Arts degree from Middlebury College. At the end of this summer I should be 40% complete.

So what makes a nearly 50 year old woman decide to go back for her Masters? I mean, I thought at the age of 50 I would be thinking about retirement (oh jeez -- who am I kidding. Ten years ago I was a Stay-at-home mom and loving every minute of it. I never expected to have a career from which to retire!) Well, God works in mysterious way, that is for sure. He nudged me (well, He pushed me) into the classroom 8 years ago. I was not happy at His direction at the time, but I am so thrilled that I followed Him despite my personal feelings. Teaching has been the greatest thing to happen to me since marriage and children. I simply cannot imagine my life without it.

However, I have never been adequately trained to teach. I have a degree in French and Political Science circa 1982 from Gettysburg College. The last "official" English class I took was as a senior in High School (circa 1978). Doesn't God have an amazing sense of humor? I am fairly adept at surfing the internet, however, and have numerous lesson plans to aid me in this career. I have reached a point, however, where I realize that I have truly taught myself all that I can and if I wish to progress to the next level, I need some outside guidance. The Bread Loaf School of English fits the bill perfectly.

Last year was my first year and I was nothing short of a basket case prior to leaving Kansas. It had been nearly 2.5 decades since I had been a student - had a roommate - and lived in a dorm. I mean, I own a 4 bedroom house, for goodness sakes. You mean to tell me that I must live for 6 weeks in a 6x8 foot room?! I have cooked my own meals for nearly 27 years - and now I must rely on the cafeteria menu?! I grade papers to help students become better writers and literary analysts - you mean to tell me that I now must be graded?! While these fears were somewhat unfounded, I did remain on at a high level of anxiety for the entire 6 week period. However, I did pass all my classes (you must pass with an 80% or higher) and I am now looking forward to this year's program (still with anxiety - but also with excitement).

I have already outlined my courses in the Sunday Salon posts (parts 1 and 2), so I won't bore you with repetition. When we arrive on campus on Tuesday, I will be assigned my room, unpack, relax (ha!) and then attend a reception at 5:30. Then it is off to attempt a good night's sleep and I will hit the ground hard on Wednesday morning, from 9:00 - 11:45 with the writing ccourse.

I will update as possible....hope you don't find them too dull :)


  1. Oh no, what happened to the rest of this post? I hope you enjoy your courses!

  2. Hope the course is going well.

  3. Well, you cut yourself off at the bottom there, but as for the rest -- good for you! I always admire people who decide to go back to school even after the "normal" school age is finished... speaks of some kind of gumption. I wish you the best in your studies!

  4. Yeah for you Molly. I am sure you will do great! At least the good news for this year is that you know what you are walking in to. My husband is 53 and he has been talking college again too....not sure if he will or not, but it is a dream of his.
    Looking forward to hearing from you over the next few weeks.

  5. Good for you, Molly! I hope you enjoy the classes, as well :-) Asheville and the surrounding areas are beautiful, so I hope you have some time to do a little sight-seeing! Good luck with your classes!!!

  6. What an adventure, Molly! I think it's great that you're doing this and look forward to your updates.

  7. Hope you're enjoying yourself!!!

  8. Good luck Molly! It's wonderful that you are doing something for your career and challenging yourself. It sounds like hard work but gratifying. You are surrounded by books in your career and studies as well as your personal time.

  9. Hope you're having a good time!

  10. I think it's a wonderful endeavor, Molly. Good luck to you!!


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