Friday, February 13, 2009

Long Weekend Plans?

I have been looking forward to this long weekend since - well, since the last long weekend a month ago. This weekend is not only Valentine's Day (not my favorite holiday - but it is nice to celebrate the loves in our lives) and for many - it is also a 3 day weekend in honor of President's Day. So my question is --- do you have any great plans for the weekend? Are there any traditional Valentine's meals/foods you prepare? Do you go anywhere special? Do you celebrate at all?

Right now the only Valentine's plans I have involve going out to dinner with my hubby (no place picked as of yet - but since we received a gift card to The Cheesecake Factory for Christmas -- my all time favorite restaurant - perhaps we can go there to split a meal and a dessert).

I am really excited for Saturday morning, however, and it has nothing to do with the Heart Holiday. I plan to attend my first library book sale (I have always "just missed" them in the past - but this one has been on my calendar for a month). After finding some terrific bargains there (hopefully), I plan to go to HalfPrice Bookstore and browse the shelves in the hopes of using the 20% off coupon I received via email this week.

I do NOT plan to do much in the way of school preparations until Monday --- and I also plan to sleep in later than my usual 5:30am alarm (how late will depend on the dogs' schedules).

I hope all of you are able to enjoy a fun, relaxing, and perhaps romantic this weekend as well.


  1. No Romance in my weekend, but relaxing and no school work . . . I'm following your lead. Have a great weekend, too.

  2. No plans. My husband is visiting his mom, but he'll bring me chocolate on Monday when he returns!

  3. ok. i have to ask this.. why does your blog only show ONE post??

    I am so used to reading a new post in blogs and then scrolling down and reading comments of the post before the newest one or to see if I missed anything and here I have to go back one post at a time.. this seems very strange to me so I was wondering if you have a reason for this????

  4. Tomorrow we (the Mr., the little man, & I) are going to see a Dinosaur play. And then the Mr. and our friend Jeff will cook dinner for me and Jeff's wife, LeAnne. So we not only have the romantic gesture of the men cooking, but us gals will get to just relax and hang out & have fun while the men are working. w00t! =P

    (I won't post what the boys will get out of this!)

  5. Enjoy the long weekend, Molly! We're flying to Florida tomorrow -not for Valentine's Day, but because school is closed next week for winter break.

  6. I am like you--tomorrow morning I am sleeping in. I think the February blahs have hit me this week. We are meeting my parents for dinner tomorrow night to celebrate my Dad's birthday, but that is about all the plans I have. Monday I am planning on relaxing all day also--which means I better get my act together and get some of my tasks done--grocery shopping, laundry, ect...tomorrow and Sunday. Hope you have a very relaxing weekend and a yummy dinner at Cheesecake Factory--I have yet to eat there!

  7. Ok - I gotta tell ya -- I am VERY jealous of Joann's plans of going to sunny Florida for a week. Makes my 3 day weekend sound very puny.

    Beth F -- enjoy that chocolate!!

    Drey - hope you enjoyed a great meal - and the men enjoyed a great _____ :)

    DesLily - I am not sure that I have a good reason for doing this. I knew that I would want to post links to certain posts - and I didn't want people to have to scroll in order to find it. I figured if I had a separate page for each post it might make it easier. Perhaps I was mistaken?

  8. Happy Valentine's Day! really hope you enjoy the weekend!


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