Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My First Post

I am not quite sure what rock I have been hiding under lately, but I did not find the wonderful world of book blogs until about a month ago. I had been an infrequent lurker on the Barnes and Noble book club site for several years, but never knew how to venture outside that box. Somehow I found the Good Reads website in the early fall and enjoyed following some of the literary discussions there. I am not sure if it was at either one of these sites, or another random surfing incident that led me to my first "book blog." Since that fateful day, however, I have spent many joyous hours reading, musing, and contemplating several GREAT blogger sites. I have listed the blogs that I have been fortunate to find and follow on my homepage -- and at this point I want to publicly thank each and everyone of you for providing such inspiration to me. I am certainly not in your league of blogging experience, but I do hope that I might be able to pass on a little bit of my joy of reading to some of you.

My taste in reading tends to focus on the classics. I think it is because I missed reading so many of them in my youth and I feel I need to make up for lost time. I am particularly partial to the British authors of the mid-19th Century, but I plan to broaden my horizons as life goes on. I also enjoy a good, suspenseful thriller and have recently been introduced to such authors as Elizabeth George and Anne Perry. I know that as I read more and more of your wonderful sites and suggestions, my list of TBR will grow exponentially!

I never knew that reading challenges existed! I guess that would follow since I never visited the blogging world -- but I must say that I am very intrigued and quite anxious to join one. The problem is --- which one to choose!!! I teach several different classes of English at a very small, private school, and I have 4 different literature preps to do each week; therefore, much of my "free" time" is spent reading and re-reading those novels for class (I teach 7th grade - 8th grade - 9th grade and 12th grade English). With my type A personality I could easily join several challenges each year and then drive myself crazy trying to complete the goal. I want to really study over my Christmas break the challenges that are available starting January 1, 2009, and then sign up for those that I truly think will challenge me without causing me too much anxiety. (I suppose you can tell that along with my Type A personality I am also a very detailed, analytical individual).

Well, thus ends my first post in the book blog world. I look forward to getting to know more of you in this cyber world, and I would welcome any comments or feedback that you may have.

Thank you all so very much for introducing me to this wonderful community!

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  1. I forgot... I don't know if anybody mentioned The Sunday Salon to you or not yet. It's really where all of us book bloggers put in our weekly update. If you need info, let me know.



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